Advantages of Building a Positive Relationship With Your College Roommate

It is imperative to build a strong relationship with your roommate. Having a negative relationship with roommates significantly diminishes the thrill of attending college. While it may seem frightening to live with somebody you rarely know, it is crucial to go into this experience with an optimistic attitude. There are four rewarding advantages of building a positive connection with your college roommate:

Learn Proper Communication Skills

It is vital to know how to communicate and effectively get our thoughts across. By having a civilized and honest relationship with your roommate you become more comfortable with communicating your thoughts and opinions. This will be a long term benefit since communication is the key to successfully prospering in the academic and professional world.

Healthy Boundaries

It is crucial to set up boundaries when living with somebody. For instance, designating which belongings can be used jointly and which can not. Having a respectable relationship with your roommate will make setting boundaries effortless. We tend to be more comfortable with expressing our personal boundaries with ones that we have a reverent relationship with.

 Create Friendship

Having a good relationship leads to structuring a friendship that could potentially last a lifetime. After all, you are sharing a living space with this person for a whole year and learning more about their personality and lifestyle. You may feel lost when you first go away to school however, having a roommate by your side will help both of you venture out of your comfort zones. It also helps construct an outgoing network of close friendships.

Better Experience

Having an optimistic relationship between you and your roommate will make the overall college experience memorable. By being friendly with your roommate, you will create memories that will be cherished for the rest of your life. On the other hand, poor relationships only lead to negative outcomes. For instance, lack of respect, communication, and consideration.

I highly recommend that you take the time and put in the effort to build a strong relationship with your roommate. It is a significant advantage and in the end you will be grateful that you can treasure many lifelong memories from college.



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