Five Tips For Setting Up a Class Virtual Reality Kit

By: Andrea Fasciano

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With technology rapidly enhancing, it is no wonder why virtual reality is starting to become a favorable educational method. It can be challenging to initiate a virtual reality kit in the classroom since it is relatively new to the modern world. In order to get the most out of this educational technique, here are some tips when setting up a innovative virtual reality kit in your classroom.

  1. Make Use of The Computer

With the swift advancement of the computer, it will be incredibly beneficial when it comes to the virtual reality kit in the classroom. It is time to steer away from the traditional methods of instruction, such as textbooks. The computer is appealing and amusing to students. Therefore, it’ll give them the opportunity to learn while also having an enjoyable learning experience.

  1. Incorporate Student Interaction Activities

Allow for the students to reflect on their experience of the virtual reality that they participated in. They will learn a significant amount from their peers, resulting in a stronger understanding of the material.

  1. Consider Google’s Expeditions

Introduced in 2015, Expeditions is a low cost tool that includes a camera capable of capturing a 360-degree virtual reality image. This gives students the chance to virtually travel to endless amounts of destinations.

  1. 4D Anatomy

4D Anatomy Online is a resource that has a lot to offer when it comes to medical education. Students are able to learn at their own comfortable pace and gain immediate evaluation. It can be accessed from the tablet, iPad, and desktop computer.

  1. Encourage and Inform Other Instructors

Notify other teachers how the lesson turned out and assess the outcome of using the virtual reality kit in the classroom. Evaluate the ways in which the virtual reality lesson could be improved in order to best serve the education of your students.

In summary, virtual reality kits are capable of making education incredibly more enjoyable for students if utilized appropriately.


Absolute Zero Ice Cream Rolls into Montclair

      Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.27.32 PM.pngAbsolute Zero Ice Cream assembles intriguing Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. If you are craving a brief escape from the bitter cold temperatures and a delicious taste of summertime, then be sure to check out Absolute Zero Ice Cream. It was introduced into the Montclair community in November of 2016 and has been receiving phenomenal business.

These ice cream rolls are incredibly unique, for they consist of fresh milk and cream as a base rather than ice cream mix powder. Kut, the founder of Absolute Zero Ice Cream, further describes, “We proceed to mix in additional ingredients such as fresh fruit or cookies to create different flavors over our special ordered ice cream pan which is below zero. Then we spread it out to flatten and roll it into ice cream rolls. Once it is finished, we offer any toppings and it is unlimited”. In addition, the customer is given the captivating opportunity to watch their ice cream being rolled out and prepared right in front of their eyes.

The owner of Absolute Zero Ice Cream was exposed to the idea of Thai style ice cream as he was exploring ideas for his new business. He keenly decided to start his business in Montclair because he admires the town and how it contains a vast amount of opportunities when it comes to initiating a new business. He further explains that, “It is surrounded by many different restaurants and I just knew it is a perfect fit for Montclair”.

Absolute Zero Ice Cream is also accommodating towards those who have allergies to nuts. In response to a curious customer who reached out asking about nut free items on their Facebook page, the business replied, “Everyday we have a specific machine set to the side just for nut free ice cream”.

One of the most popular items on the Absolute Zero Ice Cream’s menu is ‘Camp and Chill’, which is comprised of chocolate rolled ice cream topped with marshmallows, graham crackers and whipped cream. Another vastly purchased item is the ‘Strawberry Shortcake’, which has strawberries, whipped cream, mint Oreos, and marshmallows. There are also a variety of other enticing toppings that Absolute Zero Ice Cream has to offer including bananas, raspberries, coconut shavings, blueberries, caramel syrup, pretzels, teddy grahams, crushed cookies, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup.

Through their positive reviews and 5 star ratings on the businesses Facebook page, it is evident that customers are incredibly pleased with Absolute Zero Ice Cream. As Kut eagerly states, “Business has been better than expected and I am glad to see happy and satisfied customers. We are fortunate to have people come and support us”. You can learn more about menu items and what they have to offer by calling 862-213-3748.


Maureen Edelson Interview

        screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-9-05-51-am Maureen Edelson, former third ward council candidate, took the time to describe her experience of running for public office. She is heavily involved with Montclair Physical Therapy and an active member of her community. Maureen participates in several organizations including Redeemer Montclair Presbyterian Church and Boy Scout Troop 4 as a Scoutmaster. She also has founded and created Montclair Scout Institute. Her and her husband have continuously supported the YMCA of Montclair and Partners for Women and Justice. A graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Economics, Maureen Edelson is a Chartered Financial Analyst who has demonstrated success in her career.

            Edelson is co-owner of Montclair Physical Therapy along with her husband who is the owner. It was founded in 1991 with two offices located in Manhattan and Cedar Grove. She enjoys assisting patients’ well-being by soothing their pain through their outstanding physical therapy techniques. Maureen explains, “We hear the word miracle at least once a week. Watching this happen is awesome”. Both of these facilities are the only two that are certified McKenzie Clinics in the area. This may contribute to their significant customer satisfaction. Maureen Edelson reports that, “We help 92% of our patients in an average of five visits or fewer, and then teach self-management for future prevention and management of pain episodes”. Edelson’s passion of helping others in the community led her to run for third ward council and make an impact on Montclair. Fortunately, she was generous enough to elaborate on her professional experiences.

Q: What was it like running for Montclair Council?

A: Running for elective office was like learning a new business, creating a startup, and running the small operation. There are laws, systems, a body of knowledge and etiquette that are necessary to learn, manage and perform. So many people were very helpful in this effort. I encourage Montclair’s citizens with leadership skills, personal capacity, and concern for the greater good, who want to see a healthy, safe and prosperous Montclair, to consider doing the same in 2020.

 Q: Why did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?

A: I merely wanted to comply with the obligations of mounting a campaign in order that my results might be the best possible. However, the important element was giving voters a choice

Q: Why did you decide to work for Montclair Physical Therapy?

A: My husband, Todd Edelson, is a gifted and highly accomplished physical therapist, and a global leader in his McKenzie Method skills and body of knowledge. At an early stage in our lives, when I was at home full-time, establishing our family and making a home, he expressed that he would like to open a private practice in order to serve patients directly instead of through the hospital out-patient department where he was head of rehabilitation services. I was very happy to use my business skills to help establish and grow a small business.

Q: What things did you do prior to doing what you do now?

A: My first role after college was as a securities analyst at Smith Barney, Harris Upham, where I worked for seven years and had an excellent experience. Then, I was a full-time parent and homemaker for seven years before helping establish Montclair Physical Therapy. Seeing a pattern, I eased myself out of our small business after seven years, handing the management reigns over to a skilled administrator. After a few years of taking care of elderly family and volunteering in the community, I created a career that combined youth management and the outdoors. During this time, I worked in management for both the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and the Boy Scouts of America.

Q: What is a significant project or accomplishment that you are most proud of?

A: I’m most proud of creating, guiding and maintaining a healthy family that now includes independent adult children who are prepared to do the same. Based on my experience, the family is the basis of a healthy society and a healthy economy.  External to family, I’m most proud of creating a business in a difficult operating environment, and then using those skills to re-develop Newark Boy Scouts and offer positive, life-changing experiences to hundreds of the less-chance children of New Jersey’s largest city, just seven miles away.

Q: What do you think will be the next step in your career?

A: I believe it will involve helping people empower themselves with information and experience in order that they might live the healthiest, safest, most prosperous lives possible.

Shami Fine Watchmaking

Shami Fine Watchmaking, located at 155 Willowbrook Boulevard in Wayne, is a family owned business that has been in the watch repair industry for over 70 years. Marketing Manager, Amy Bonilla, discusses how this type of work is especially unique compared to others. Shami Fine Watchmaking specializes in various services such as battery replacements, polishing, crystal replacements, waterproofing, appraisal, adjustments and many others. In addition, the business also introduced an online shop recently that displays men’s and ladies timepieces.



Shami Fine Watchmaking offers a broad range of brand services such as Chronoswiss, Armand Nicolet, U-Boat, Michael Kors, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, David Yurman and Panerai. Bonilla states that, “They are all tremendous yet different timepieces. I always encourage all my clients to learn about the history and craftsmanship about these brands”.

Watch repair is incredibly intriguing because every watch is distinct and different in its own way. Bonilla explains, “All watches are never repaired the same, as they all have its unique mechanics. It is a true craftsmanship”. She further describes that this industry is rare but fascinating and she is proud of the talent that her watchmakers have at Shami Fine Watchmaking. She proudly explains, “I take pride knowing how my watchmakers can restore any timepiece to look like new! Many clients have valuable timepieces, pocket watches, etc. which they believe can never be restored or fixed to its originality. With the knowledge and experience we have, it’s nice to know we were able to provide the upmost quality and care to these watches”


Bonilla is very eager about the future of Shami Fine Watchmaking. She optimistically states, “In the upcoming years, we hope to continue flourishing within the watch repair and watchmaking profession, and providing quality care in all of our timepieces. I am proud of what we have accomplished thus far and look forward to what the future has in store for us. Many clients have valuable timepieces, pocket watches, etc. which they believe can never be restored or fixed to its originality. With the knowledge and experience we have, it’s nice to know we were able to provide the upmost quality and care to these watches.”

For more information about Shami Fine Watchmaking and how to send your watch in for repairs, visit their website at or you can reach them at (973) 785-0004.

Surviving The Work Day After A Holiday Weekend

You just came back from an unwinding weekend at the beach with family and friends. Now that the Fourth of July has passed it is time to get back into reality. Going to work after a holiday weekend can be a major challenge, especially when your brain refuses to leave vacation mode. Here are some useful tips to help overcome a lack of motivation following a relaxing holiday weekend.

Steer Clear From Negativity

Only think positive thoughts and don’t let negativity dominate your work day. Pessimism will just lead to harmful and needless stress. Staying optimistic will always help in the long run, for it brings happiness and good health!

Take Some Relaxation Breaks

Breaks are the key to surviving the work day. Sitting in the office all day just makes your legs get stiff and your mind jumbled. If the weather permits, take a break and go for a walk outside. It will help to get a change of scenery while also refreshing your brain from all that hard work!

Working out is also an effective way to boost your work ethic and help stimulate your brain. Studies have shown that working out has a positive impact on productivity and communication in the workplace. Or if it is not possible to get to the gym, there are plenty of peaceful yoga routines that can be performed right in the office!

Plan Everything Out

Avoid getting overwhelmed by staying organized. Making to do lists will help you stay on top of everything that needs to be accomplished. As you complete each task, check or cross it off the list. It is always beneficial to have a notebook so you can write things down and not forget any your responsibilities.

Leisure Time Prior To Work

You are getting ready for the work day and absolutely dreading it. Budget your time and make some room for brief recreational activities before going to work. Listen to music, watch T.V., make a fancy breakfast, surf the internet, or do anything that makes you happy. It will help put you in a more uplifting mood.


Be sure to converse with your coworkers. Socializing will not only help construct proper relationships but also make the day go by faster.

Don’t Go To Work On An Empty Stomach

Nobody wants to sit in the office and work on an empty stomach. If you are hungry while you are working it will be hard to concentrate on the task at hand. Eat a nutritious breakfast prior to launching into the work day so you can avoid all possible distractions.


Advantages of Building a Positive Relationship With Your College Roommate

It is imperative to build a strong relationship with your roommate. Having a negative relationship with roommates significantly diminishes the thrill of attending college. While it may seem frightening to live with somebody you rarely know, it is crucial to go into this experience with an optimistic attitude. There are four rewarding advantages of building a positive connection with your college roommate:

Learn Proper Communication Skills

It is vital to know how to communicate and effectively get our thoughts across. By having a civilized and honest relationship with your roommate you become more comfortable with communicating your thoughts and opinions. This will be a long term benefit since communication is the key to successfully prospering in the academic and professional world.

Healthy Boundaries

It is crucial to set up boundaries when living with somebody. For instance, designating which belongings can be used jointly and which can not. Having a respectable relationship with your roommate will make setting boundaries effortless. We tend to be more comfortable with expressing our personal boundaries with ones that we have a reverent relationship with.

 Create Friendship

Having a good relationship leads to structuring a friendship that could potentially last a lifetime. After all, you are sharing a living space with this person for a whole year and learning more about their personality and lifestyle. You may feel lost when you first go away to school however, having a roommate by your side will help both of you venture out of your comfort zones. It also helps construct an outgoing network of close friendships.

Better Experience

Having an optimistic relationship between you and your roommate will make the overall college experience memorable. By being friendly with your roommate, you will create memories that will be cherished for the rest of your life. On the other hand, poor relationships only lead to negative outcomes. For instance, lack of respect, communication, and consideration.

I highly recommend that you take the time and put in the effort to build a strong relationship with your roommate. It is a significant advantage and in the end you will be grateful that you can treasure many lifelong memories from college.


Why The Works of Sylvia Plath Should Only be for College Students

Compared to other poets, Sylvia Plath’s style of writing is incredibly dark and sometimes gruesome. Additionally, throughout the complexity of her poetry, there is a recurrent disconsolate theme of suicide and death. A lot of the topics that are mentioned in her poetry would not be appropriate for a juvenile audience because they would be incapable of grasping and comprehending such harsh nature.

Her poem “Old Ladies Home” is one of the prime examples of why her works would not be suitable for a younger audience. Plath comments on elderly women in a nursing home and how they are living day by day waiting to die. Sylvia Plath states, “Sons, daughters, daughters and sons,/ Distant and cold as photos,/ Grandchildren nobody knows” ( lines 10-12). They are experiencing daily isolation from their loved ones, such as their children and their grandchildren. Therefore, they are very much abandoned and detached from their families. In the last stanza of the poem Plath writes, “From beds boxed-in like coffins” (17). Comparing where they sleep to coffins symbolizes that their deaths will soon be approaching. Their beds no longer signify a place of comfort and sleep, but rather a place where they will eventually become lifeless. A few lines down she writes, “Stalls in halls where the lamp wick/ shortens with each breath drawn” (20-21). She is indirectly stating that their lives are getting shorter with every breath that they take. While this is a phenomenal poem by Sylvia Plath, it is also an ideal demonstration of how her poetry acknowledges sensitive topics that should not be exposed to younger individuals due to its gloomy, deathly nature.

Five Best Tactics To Overcoming College Homesickness

T.S. Eliot wisely acknowledged that “Home is where one starts from”. After getting that high school diploma the glamorization of gaining independence blinds us from the fact that we are parting from our loved ones. College truly sheds light on how precious home is to us. The nostalgia that stems from being away from home can be overwhelming and perplexing. You may be thinking, “I thought this was what I wanted” or “I desperately wanted to leave home why am I so depressed now?”. Unless this nostalgia interferes with performance in the classroom or daily activities, it is completely normal. Luckily, there are several strategies to help battle these disheartening feelings.

It is OK to Call Home

Many will say to completely resist the urge to pick up the phone and call your parents or siblings. While being on the phone could potentially worsen the homesickness, it could also provide one with a sense of being at home again. At home we are constantly interacting with our family members. Phones are that source of interaction with our loved ones when we are unable to connect face to face. We also are incredibly fortunate to live in a time where video chat exists.  Calling home once a day will provide an ongoing communication with your loved ones.

An Exciting Countdown

For some mysterious reason countdowns are very enticing. On Facebook or Instagram you will always see countdowns for birthdays, weddings, vacations, and other special occasions. Lets face it: we love counting down. So therefore, next time you are bombarded with homesickness, look at the calendar and choose the next date that you will go home. At the end of the day, praise yourself and make it an effort to acknowledge how many more days until you are home again. This is reassuring and motivates you to take it one day at a time so you are not as overwhelmed and agitated.

Keep Busy

Read a book, write, work out, get a head start on that paper due next week ,talk on the phone, play a game. Do what you love most and always keep busy. It will make time go by faster than it would by sitting around. Being productive is an immense key to escaping nostalgia while away at college.

Release Tears

Secluding your emotions is detrimental to both your physical and emotional health.  It will only result in excessive stress  and this will indisputably destroy your immune system and ability to get a good night rest. It is OK to cry. Crying does not characterize you as a weak individual, but rather defines you as a completely normal human being with feelings. Releasing these emotions is crucial to your health and I assure that you will always feel better afterwards.

Talk To Somebody

This unites with the previous tactic of not keeping our emotions trapped inside. Talk to a reliable friend, significant other, advisor, or counselor. Remember that there is always somebody willing to listen.

Farm To Table Charity Dinner

Hip New Jersey’s Cara DiFalco sat down with Jennifer Papa, executive director of City Green, to talk about the organizations upcoming charity dinner at Spuntino Wine Bar.

City Green is a non-profit organization based in Clifton that strives to create access to healthy food in low income neighborhoods. The organization is also dedicated to assuring that children have access to a safe outdoor environment.

On August 9th, Spuntino Wine Bar, located in Clifton, will host a Farm-To-Table dinner to benefit City Green. Papa explains that Spuntino Wine Bar, “Is all about farm to table, they love to source locally so it’s a really good fit for our two organizations”. Furthermore, she states that this will “support the growing strong intern program”. The organization offers paid summer employment to high school students from Paterson and Clifton. Additionally, they also run a youth development program that educates these students on how to construct a resume, maintain a job, and prepare for the future.

Cara DiFalco also sat down with Josh Bernstein, Executive Chef of Spuntino Wine Bar to talk more about the Farm-To-Table charity dinner. They will be getting produce from the farm and local vendors will also be present to help support the charity.   The cost to attend is $80.00 per person in addition to tax and gratuity. The dinner includes “a wonderful wine dinner, passed hors d’oeuvres such as our local black bass, and a five-course sit-down meal with wine pairings”. Be sure to check this event out. Tickets are still available and can be purchased on the restaurants website or you can call the restaurant to make a reservation.

Analysis of Robert Frost’s “Neither Out Far nor In Deep”

“Neither Out Far Nor in Deep” is a prime example of how Robert Frost utilizes the tactic of mystery and constructs suspense throughout his poetry. On the very surface of this poem, especially the first couple of lines, it appears as if it is a typical pleasant day at the beach. However, Frost is once again touching upon dark facts about life.

In the first stanza of the poem, individuals are turning their backs against the land and focusing solely on the sea. By completely ignoring the land behind them, this shows that they are searching for something that extends deep within the ocean. They could potentially be perplexed with their identities, contemplating a major decision, or simply just pondering life. This is not unusual because the ocean tends to be such an emotional place where one reflects on life, whether they are aware of this or not. At the same time, the ocean is also associated with mystery and enigma .

The poem is a reflection on how individuals are always searching for answers to life’s biggest questions while looking at the sea. Frost writes, “The Land may vary more;/ But Wherever the truth may be–/ The water comes ashore” (lines 9-11). While the answers to these questions may be out at sea, they are also simultaneously coming up onto the shore. However when they wash up to land, people still continue to gaze at the sea.

Generally speaking, Frost is commenting on the idea that people are constantly peering at the ocean and searching for answers about human existence. However, it is more wise to search for these answers on land since ideas and society are always evolving and changing.